Blurb – 5 November 2017

I was reminded the other day of one of the
scripture verses that I have pondered on for
What happened was that Cheryll and I have been
waiting for some time for the rain to stop so that
we could burn some bonfires we had stacked up. I
had dropped a heap of trees a while back and this
was what was left – so pyromaniac time! All was
going well – we were working like Trojans.
Granddaughter arrived so the ‘boss’ went inside
and I kept stocking fires. I picked up a large log and
ceremoniously dumped it on top of the burning
heap, satisfying! However, as it hit, debris went
flying and one large ember, glowing like Halley’s
comet, decided to land inside my gumboot. The
burn! It stuck on the top of my foot and embed
itself in my melting nylon sock. With quick
reaction, I started ripping my boot off and got
cramp in the back of my leg! I straightened my leg
out with the ember burning happily away.
Eventually the leg cramp eased and I managed to
get my boot off (brand new Redbands) and had to
pick the still glowing ember out of my sock and
foot, burning my fingers in the process. It was a
great day. There is now a burn hole in the top of
my foot.
What’s the verse? Matt 3:11, He will baptize you
with the Holy Spirit and fire.
What does the baptism of Fire look like for you?
And how does this relate to Hebrews 12:29?