Blurb – Sunday 17 September 2017

Unpack the luggage,

carried far too high upon your back.

Undo the breadcrumb

trail you left, and trust the other, faithful track.

Unhinge your life,

from turning on a heavy fear of death.

Unchain your foot,

and tread uphill, and laugh, and lose your breath.

Upset your stomach,

eat good food more often than the sickly sweet.

Unmitigate your love,

and travel, and let calloused gravel shape your feet.

Untrain your eye,

from seeing only all that’s done you wrong.

Unhook your lungs,
and make them hearty bellows for a springtime song.


Undress yourself,

from shame and gravely guilt.

Un-tether from the leaping rock,

and dive full-height into the crystal river, free of silt.


Unbox the stifled Spirit,

who sat too long on a quiet shelf,

Unleash, relinquish,
give over, and discover there your truest self.

-Mark Day