Room Hire

What is the process for booking a space at Hillcrest Baptist?:

1. What is your event? Does this align with our values and is it appropriate for us to host? – Eg. we will not allow any alcohol to be present on the premises, and we do not allow other religious or spiritual activities on-site that are outside of our values.

2. Do we have the date(s) and space(s) available? Book in advance. Do not call the week of your event. We have a lot of regular events on at church and we only allow a limited number of outside bookings each month to respect the additional work these bookings give our cleaning and administrative staff. We do not allow bookings for Sundays. An outline of what days we have available is below. We have no raised stage for performances except for the built-in platform.

3. Record details of the event – Any potential booking details are taken and then passed on to our Head Pastor for approval. We reserve the right to decline a booking for whatever reason.

4. If approved – you will be notified that your event will be added to the calendar and reception will organize your payment and access to the building. When you pick up your key and pay your hire fee, a staff member will talk you through the facilities related to your hired space.


For more information about rates and booking your event at Hillcrest Baptist, please refer to the images below. 

Weekly Availability:

Mondays – Limited afternoon bookings available. Evenings unavailable.

Tuesdays – Limited afternoon/evening bookings available

Wednesdays – Limited afternoon bookings available. Evenings unavailable.


Fridays – Limited afternoon bookings available. Evenings are unavailable in the auditorium every fortnight.

Saturdays – Day bookings available. Evenings unavailable.


Contact Rebecca at office@hillcrest.org.nz or call 07 856 9608 to discuss your event.