Blurb- 21st of June 19

Kia ora.

The observant will have noticed that the garden at the church has a rather large hole dug in it. And the more observant will have also seen that there is a corresponding hole at the back of the church! We have had a problem with our waste water and it has been caused by crushed pipes under the auditorium and all concerned reckon this was caused years ago when the extension was built. The drain layers have thrust a new pipe under the building but have also found further problems with the rate of fall. Basically this has been a ticking time bomb ever since the re-build. The original quote to fix all of this was about $12,000 – now it will increase by a few thousand due to having to dig further and lay more new pipe to get the required fall so that the waste flows well.

There was talk about needing a loan (mortgage) to pay for this work but the Elders are in agreement that we should try to live within the tension of being realistic and living by faith and believing that we love a God who supplies our needs. At this stage we are using a previous gift from a family to cover the first $10,000 and the rest will come from giving. Once the work has been completed Cheryll will be re designing the garden and doing a re-plant. This is just to keep you all up to date with what’s happening.

Blessings, Kevin