blurb 29th November 2015

Last weekend I was away. This weekend I’m back. And today is a day that I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Why? I’ve asked three of our own amazing people to share a bit of their stories and their journey with God. We all have a story and it’s a unique story that nobody else has; and to hear someone else’s story we not only learn about them and their walk with God, but we also learn about a gracious loving God that blesses His people and hopefully learn about ourselves as well. One of the things we have to learn is that our story with God can and should be shared to build others and to proclaim His goodness and the good news. When was the last time you shared your story with someone?

But wait, there’s more
Next week we have a guest speaker coming in to share his story. It’s a ‘must not miss’ story… Derick is going to share how he coped with depression and how God ministered to him through it and bought him to a place of wholeness. Depression is often the ‘elephant’ in the room that nobody wants to talk about – but we here in this church talk about all sorts of things, so why not depression? He’s a good bloke, Derick, and so I encourage you not to make next week a ‘let’s skip church’ week.
But wait there’s more
Joel is running a concert evening at our place next Friday and Strahan is the guest artist. Strahan was here in church a few years back and we all appreciated his ministry amongst us…so for $10 you can come and enjoy…see Joel for more details.