Blurb 14.06.2015

So often, what’s wrong in the world is actually a distortion of something which is very good. For instance food is meant to be good for us but too much or too little or the wrong kind can be very bad. Or think about sex. In relation to this question I mean. You’re probably reading this in church for goodness sake. Anyway, in its good intended purpose, sex is a good thing. But outside of its proper context, or when it is misused, it can be horrific. So I wonder what you’ve been worrying about this week. What’s been the anxiety building up – the trouble in your soul? In what way is this bad thing which has got you down a distortion of something intended to be something good? I believe that part of the Christian life involves acknowledging that the Good world God created has in many ways gone bad. I think we look forward to a new & better day – a new heavens and new earth where Jesus says “Behold, I am making all things new.” That’s a wonderful promise and hope. But for now we live a world of Good stuff gone Bad. Since we believe in Jesus’ triumph over death and hell, we maybe sometimes tell ourselves that we should never grieve. We should be always positive & cheery. But I wonder if we need to allow ourselves sometimes to grieve the state of things. Is there room to do that here? Is there room in your life? I wonder.

Mark D.