Blurb – 12 July 2015

So you missed the Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner? That’s a shame. It was a well organised, well run and a very entertaining evening.Upon arrival guests were greeted with a drink with enough punch to break the nerves for those awkward new introductions. Standing there in the foyer your eyes were drawn to the piles of snow and ice that adorned the entrance to the dining room. You just had to go in and explore. Within the dim depths, festive decorations clung to the walls and tables sparkled with an inviting flicker. Then, without warning, your eyes were drawn to the far corner where a fireside scene, complete with armchair, Christmas stockings and Christmas tree called you to come in and take a closer look.

At each side of the stage there were 2 large tables covered with enough drawing paper and crayons to keep even the noisiest child entertained. Already there was a flurry of activity as little hands raced to sketch what their little minds were imagining.There was enough food for us all to feel the pain that only Christmas Dinner can bring! There was even enough left over to fill the church freezer with containers of nourishment.We were blessed to have young talent entertain us with music and song. We even sang a Christmas Carol or three. The Ginger Bread House construction task was real fun. Boy what talent we have in our church.Before we could rest too much, a Christmas quiz was sprung. It saw random teams dig deep into the recesses of their minds looking for answers they’d forgotten long ago. Those that didn’t use Google that is!  And so, with a bedtime cuppa and a piece of Christmas cake the night was finished.Maybe next time we’ll see you there?