Blurb 19-4-2015

What a tuff week. Two incidences in particular – the first was when I got home one day and the ‘one I love’ asked me to whack out some coprosma’s that were due for removal. I don’t mind hard yakka so I took to it with all the passion of a man in love – until – dang, while digging out the stumps I broke my axe handle! Nearly brought tears to my eyes. This is my axe! The one I saved my wages for when I was 16. I’ve had it for that long – mind you I have replaced the head a couple of times and the handle 5 times – but it’s still my original axe! It suddenly reminded me of a host of verses that talk about our constant renewal under the work of the Holy Spirt. Same people – changed through renewal. Same axe – changed by the renewal of the handle…yet again.

The second incidence also involved the ‘one I love’. She went to visit her mum n dad up north! Great, gives me the chance to eat lots of steak for dinner without complaint! But alas, on her return she is not alone. No, she has bought 2 friends with her – both of whom need to be named as they are only 8 weeks old. I’m a dog man! And our old dog, ‘Sam’, is getting long in the tooth and slow in the legs – but to bring home 2 kittens seems a little pointed that he aint going to be the favourite anymore. At least I have managed an agreement that I’m not on poo patrol! But it is change – and change we must. We must change as individuals as we allow the Spirit to renew us, and we must change together as a family as newness comes…worth pondering?