Blurb 8-3-2015

It’s a good day. A great day.  Not because I get a day off from preaching but rather that I’m so looking forward to hearing from The Principle of Carey Baptist College. He’s a good man, maybe even a great man – coz he’s a man who puts into practice what he preaches!

At the recent Members meeting it was decided that the process for new elders should be acted upon reasonably quickly – so here goes – I’ve chosen them! That was quick but that’s not how we do it around here. We are Baptist, which means we together seek the mind of Christ on such matters. Last week I asked you to start praying and so thanks for engaging in prayer and listening to what Jesus is saying about new elders. Also continue to pray for the 2 good blokes we already have, Ian and Russell.

How it will work: Pray. If God is speaking to you about someone who should be considered as an elder then go talk to them. If they agree to be nominated then you need to have someone second your nomination and then fill out the ‘nomination form’ which you can get from Anne. Nominations will close on Sunday 29th March. The names will be advertised to the church for a couple of weeks. These weeks are important, very important. They are the weeks you pray and also get to know the ‘possibles’ by inviting them for coffee, dinner or whatever. On Sunday 19th April we will have a special members meeting to hear what God is saying re the appointment of new elders. So that’s that, let’s engage with God and listen to what He’s is saying. Oh by the way this process can only be entered into by members – that’s one of the important things about being a member!