Blurb 31.05.2015

We had people around the other night and someone mentioned their claim to fame. I very proudly showed of my claim to fame – my first tomato for the season. I enjoy pottering around in my garden but there is a great sense of achievement when you can grow something out of season. Mind you the brussel-sprouts have a long way to go before entering the realm of respectability – but nothing ventured nothing gained. As I sit and ponder I see parallels with trying to grow veges and us growing in Christ-likeness. Sometimes we surprise everyone as we seem to grow well out of season, sometimes we don’t surprise anyone as we struggle to grow in hard conditions. I had a dream last night. I dreamt of gold – since being a kid I have always had a fascination for gold – but last night we were all in church and there was a mighty fire in the middle of the auditorium (scary for those of you who went through the arson incident) – and we were refining gold – we had all the right equipment and there was pure gold being refined in crucibles that could withstand the heat. When I woke, I saw us, yes us, a people who are being refined – a people who are/will be pure gold. Doesn’t matter how hard your growing season is – the end result is that God is doing a refining work – and you are precious like gold, to Him and to us.