Blurb 30 August 2015

I am not a people person. This is a fixed belief I have held about myself for decades. A friend recently challenged me on this. ‘I think you are a people person,’ he said. This took me by surprise. But as I took a fresh look at myself I saw a surprising thing. God has been changing me, helping me to see others as he sees them, and motivating me to reach out to them. Though I still have a way to go, I am not the person I used to be!
God is undoubtedly ‘people orientated’. The bible is packed with examples of God seeking people out, meeting them in their brokenness, and transforming them by his love and power. We too have our own stories of how God has done that for us and those around us.
What about you? Are you ‘not a people person’? Or do you hold other fixed beliefs about yourself that are preventing you from allowing God to use you? Maybe you think you’re too sinful, too young, too old, or too ordinary for God to use. But God chooses to use ordinary, imperfect people like us because he wants us to rely on his strength, not our own, so that the glory goes to Him. And as we allow Him to use us in our weakness, his Holy Spirit can work in us, filling up what we lack, making us more like Him.
Are you prepared to let God change you? Will you give him your weaknesses and allow Him to use you in new ways? He is our loving father, faithful, trustworthy and good.
I encourage you to take some time this week to listen to Him. Offer Him your weaknesses and invite Him to work in and through you afresh.
Domini Martin
Pastoral Visiting Team