Mālō le soifua. Last week I suggested some homework for everyone. It was a simple task – to read through, study and discuss 3 bible passages. I would love to know how those conversations have gone and if anything has changed in the marriages of those that did it, but… Today I would like to suggest some more homework – two things. What I’m hoping to achieve is for couples and those with a desire to marry to start conversations that help us understand the complexities of relationships. But it’s not just for the paired off –this exercise would be good for anyone who wants to enhance friendships and relationships. So, I would recommend that you watch the first 30 minutes of this YouTube video. In the past I have used Mark Gungor’s video series so that couples better understand each other. Some struggle with his style of presenting, others may not like the content or its humour and that’s ok. But we can use it so that we can learn to improve our communicating within the relationships that we have. By all means watch the rest of the presentation if you have time and I will put the link on the FB page. Second thing is that a note book and pen might be handy for this week – want to make things practical! Tofa, Kevin.