Blurb – 9th December 2018

I believe that God, people, and relationships are what really matter in life.

We cannot walk the Christian journey alone.
When we are weak, or struggling, we need friends to support and encourage us without judgment.
When we are wrong, or have a skewed idea of God, or stray from Him, we need mentors/friends to challenge us.
We need community to share in our joys and celebrations of God’s goodness to us.
Even when we seem to be “doing nothing”, we need the community to affirm and value who we are.
In the past few weeks the church has been looking at intergenerational relationships – how we can bless and be blessed.
During our luncheon for the over 40s, we asked ourselves what roles we can play in the life of the church family.
We talked about how we, with our wealth of experience and knowledge, can bless others who are younger in faith. Prayers and mentoring are 2 obvious avenues.
We would also like the younger people to bless us in some ways.

I see a little of that happening during the Quiet Mornings, where people of all ages come together, sit at God’s feet and wait on Him. Then we share what God has been saying(or not saying) to us. We affirm and encourage one another in our journeys with God.

How can we do this within the church community?
Perhaps this is something we can all pray and think about during the holidays.

Lin Chu