blurb 8th November 2015

I just can’t help but think about our Creator God when I’m out in the garden.. Why would I want to anyway?
Phil 4:8 – “whatever is honourable, ….right, …..pure, ….lovely, ….of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things”.

Who / what can be more worthy of our praise than God? Have you ever taken the time to stop and REALLY enjoy the intricacies of a flower or a leaf? There’s a whole new wondrous world out there that’s just waiting to reveal God’s artistry.

The outdoors is a great classroom. Some lessons have been embarrassing – like that time when I threw away a heap of “grassy weeds” and planted freesias, only to discover they first grew into “grassy looking weeds” before the perfumed flowers bloomed! A lesson on patience!

Heard of the Oxalis weed? A friend advised me NOT to put them into the compost. His words were
“you’ll never be able to get rid of it”. Couldn’t be that bad, I thought – suffice it to say I’m paying the price for my foolishness! Similarly, disregarding God’s advice always has consequences – even though He lovingly and readily forgives.

No such thing as a weed-free bare patch. You can’t leave a void. We must remove AND replace a bad habit/ thought/ attitude with a new, good one or the old will creep back like an ivy.

Don’t power walk! Take a stroll…….it’s only in the slowing down that we will see His face, hear His gentle voice and feel His heartbeat.
“Be still and know that I am God” Ps 46:10.