Blurb – 27 August 2017

It wasn’t much of a day, but Saturday 19th August had been booked for 2 months. So, there was no getting out of it… not that I wanted to anyway.
Lin, Mike and Sam Chu were once again opening their house to anyone who wanted ‘a quiet time with God’. It was only my second time.
You know. Too busy. Too tired. Tomorrow! I really did enjoy the first one. Just being still in His presence.
15 or so of us arrived at 9:00 am to the smell of fresh coffee and the warmth of our church family. Lin’s Bible reading, while short, held so much for us to meditate on. It was read 3 times to allow us to hear each and every word.
With a small list of questions to get us thinking, we began our ‘quiet time with God’.
Some stayed inside to avoid the drizzle that was now more persistent. Others, like myself, lifted the hood on my raincoat and disappeared to the back corners of the property to find peace and to explore why one word had stuck in my mind.
The hour and a bit sped by. I really enjoyed the stillness of the countryside. The only sounds being birds and rustling leaves. I was still. God and I connected. He spoke. I listened. I remembered and I felt comforted by His love.
When’s the next ‘quiet time with God’?