Blurb 1st November 2015

News! It usually makes us think of what happens in our lounges at 6:00pm. When we moved into our house in Tauranga years ago, we always knew when it was 6 o’clock….all our neighbours were elderly, and so when 6 came around the T.V’s were all on, and all on loud and all on T.V.1! We could bbq outside and listen to the news without turning on our T.V. But was the news good news, bad news or indifferent? How do you react when you hear news?
I heard great news this week. Most of you would have received an email regarding my friend Sasha. If you didn’t it’s because you aren’t in the churches’ email data base (see Anne if you want that rectified). Anyway Sasha applied to do a DTS in Tasmania and has been accepted! Wahooo! This is fantastic news. It gives Sasha the opportunity to grow and deepen her relationship with God. A DTS is an intense Discipleship Training School run by Youth With A Mission. It also gives Sasha the opportunity to do a short term mission and serve God and the church. For those who aren’t aware I am helping to raise the funds that she needs. This too is good news. Good news for her as she has no employment as she is on a tourist visa and I can help. And more importantly, its good news for you as it gives you the opportunity to bless her and partner with her as she seeks to deepen her relationship with God and explore with Him her future. Some very generous people have already given and I’d like to thank them very much. If you’re interested in helping out, let’s talk.
If I get my act together sometime in what remains of this week – the message this morning will also be on the news and social media!