Blurb – 18 March 2018

“Do you know who I love the most, Grandma?”
asked Jayda, my 5 year old granddaughter.
“Mummy?” I answered. “No, God! Second, Mummy”
she replied.
A statement of faith, said in a matter of fact way. No
pride or false humility.
Childish innocence, we might say. But isn’t that what
God loves? He wants us to love Him and run to Him as a
little child would to her daddy – confident that he loves
her, able to meet her needs, & answer all her
This started me on a time of self-reflection.
A friend told me once that we should not treat Jesus as
a side dish – dipping into Him when we felt like it.
Instead He should be the MAIN COURSE – the One who
satisfies fully.
I’ve been a Christian for many decades. Sure I believe
God and love Him. But so often I have allowed other
things/ activities/ people become more important than
time alone with Him…..talking AND listening.
A documentary on Shine TV recently showed Christians
& Jews risking their lives to help and care for Syrian
Muslims. Why?
“Since He gave His life for me, this is the least I can do
to show my love for Him”, said one of them.
My prayer is that we will find time this week to listen
and obey as God speaks. I know this will bring Him
much delight.