Blurb – 1 September 2018

This coming week I will be at Carey Baptist College doing a Children’s Ministry block course. I thought I better make sure I actually read the textbook before arriving (very studious of me I know!) so that I didn’t spend the whole week with a blank look on my face.

In the book ‘Changing Lives: The Essential Guide to Ministry with Children and Families’ by Mark Griffith he states “The communication about Jesus in the home seems to have become a lost art. And also something that is seen as a little scary.” I know for myself this has been true, I wasn’t brought up in a household that prayed together, or discussed What Would Jesus Do? about situations we encountered, or talked about God’s fingerprints in nature all around us, so sometimes I feel I am floundering around as to how to teach my son, Matty, about Jesus and faith. But actually Mark Griffith’s conclusions for the chapter about immediate families seem true to me:
* Good enough is really rather good – don’t chase perfection.
* Absolute acceptance is the key.
* Be the sort of person you want your children to become.
* Be fully present.
Those I can do!

The Blessings Morning that we held in early August was borne out of this same desire, to find ways to help parents to introduce Jesus to their children in everyday ways. We will continue to plan and host ‘Take it Home’ events, where we can introduce different ideas to parents on how they can make sharing their faith a natural part of their week with their children.

So watch out, after my block course, I will be brimming with ideas on all things related to Kid’s Ministry and you might need to get involved too 😉

Jess Neshausen