Blurb – 09 July 2017

Last week Kevin spoke about crossing the river Jordan.

The waters parted and the former slaves made it to the promised land. They placed a marker stone to commemorate their journey.

I used to spend 3 times a week on a stinky little river called the River Whau – which flowed out to the Waitemata harbour. I was part of a waka ama crew.

When it was winter, it would get dark and we would navigate via green buoys illuminated by moonlight out into the choppy harbour current and back again. A bunch of teenage girls without life-jackets in the near blackness.

It is a good time to pray, with the repetitive drum of paddles on the water broken up by the caller yelling “Hip!” a signal to change and paddle on the other side.

Then mum said we were moving to Hamilton and I was under the impression that Cambridge was Hamilton, I had been to Cambridge for many outrigging tournaments.

“Do they even have a movie theatre?” I asked, mortified.

When I saw the Waikato river I was relieved. I belonged here, they had paddlers here, my people.

Now, I am not saying Hamilton is the promised land for Aucklanders, but I would certainly place a marker stone here at Hillcrest Baptist Church.

Our experiences may not be as spectacular as those recorded in Exodus, my Exodus to Hamilton may not be recorded in the Bible, but God is working in all our lives. Our lives are part of His story too.

Take some time to look back at your life, look for how Gods’ hand has worked, whether he parted seas for you or not, He was there, and He is here now.

God bless,

-Renee Snell