Blurb 07/04/17 Mark Day

Last Sunday morning I was in the church office preparing for the service, and I was listening to a longtime favourite song of mine: “A Flowery Song” by Five Iron Frenzy. Look it up on Youtube. It may not be your cup of tea. In fact as I was listening, Adam Ettema poked his head in the door and said with a bit of cheek: “What are you listening to!?” and cracked up laughing.

Not everyone’s cup of tea indeed.

Well whether you can stomach the genre or quality of music or not, the words are beautiful. It is a song about praising God with thankfulness in whatever season; under beautiful blue skies or on gray rainy days.

As you know we’ve had some stormy weather lately, in both the meteorological and metaphorical senses of the word.

For Ainsley and I, being in hospital with Nathan for a week was a highly emotional and stressful time. It was cloudy and stormy in good measure, watching our month old son suffering. Most of the time we didn’t know what was happening, let alone what we could do to help.

But God met us in the midst of that storm. We had some very special moments with our boy, loving and singing to him, and knowing that just as we embraced and comforted each other as a family, the loving embrace and comfort of God our Father surrounded and sustained us.

I pray that if you are in the midst of trouble as you read this, that you might find moments of grace to pause and know God’s presence with you.

Mark Day.