Blurb – 03 September 2017

No story this week from me. Well, actually that’s probably not a completely true statement. I will write a little and it will be a part of our story – together.
Let’s start with some exciting news: Stephanie Jenkins became an Elder of the church last Wednesday evening. It’s great to have another woman on eldership and I know that Steph has a heart for our church and has a servant heart and will work with the team well.
There’s more exciting news – I should have written “But wait there’s more!” but I refrained.
As a membership we discussed the hopes and dreams of Bryony Large who has started her theology degree at Carey Baptist College. And … we all agreed that as a church we need to support her – so – we have decided to take her on as an intern next year and back her application to sign up for the Pastoral Leadership training offered by Carey so that she can become a Baptist Pastor. Cont…
This is one of the things that regeneration does! It allows people room to grow and mature. We need to pray for both Steph and Bryony as they start in these new roles.
Today we get the privilege to listen to another story of ‘regeneration’ from one of our church members.
Last but not least. I hope you have been both challenged and inspired by the testimonies we have heard.
We have a great, good God.