Blurb – 1st March, 2020

I’m feeling very thankful. The members voted on Wednesday to increase my hours here. Thank you to each one of you for your support of me and Ainsley, for your love, prayer, giving, and for the vote of confidence in my ministry.

This decision brings to an end a bit of a wait. For about three months we had no idea if this would (or could) happen. It was going to mean a deficit budget. Overall, Ainsley and I knew and trusted that God would take care of us, come what may. But there were a couple of moments where the waiting was really hard. In those testing times God was so good to us, comforting and reminding us of His faithfulness. Then, a couple of days before the AGM, we found out about a generous financial gift to the Church, which would make it possible.

I honestly didn’t know what to say. I cried a bit, and worshipped God. The next day I didn’t even know what to pray! So I asked God to reveal something to me from the scriptures, and I heard in my heart, clear as anything: ‘2 Kings 7’. I had no idea what that was about!

It’s the story of Elisha prophesying that God would provide food to a starving people who were under attack by the Syrian army. Four lepers, sitting outside the besieged city, figure that if they’re going to die anyway, why not try their luck getting some food from the enemy? When they reach the Syrian camp, they discover that God had driven them all off, leaving their food and supplies behind. The lepers have a big feed, then go and tell the kings people, who plunder the camp. Famine ended. God provided! It’s a story about God’s trustworthy promise, and the call on His people to wait in trust for His provision, even though He does not tell us how He is going to provide.

I believe this has prophetic significance for our Church. Ainsley and I made a choice in faith, believed God had promised He would provide (without knowing how), and at points were tested in our faith and obedience to what we felt God was saying. And now, praise God, we’ve seen His provision, working through the generosity in His people. I’m still in awe of it.

I share all that to encourage you. God wills to do great things in you, through you, and for you. And He will provide.