Blurb 19th January 2020

I am very lucky in my role as children’s ministry worker at Hillcrest Baptist, to be able to attend a cluster group with people involved in children’s ministry throughout the Waikato. Often the discussion has veered to ‘intergenerational ministry’, and how various churches are focussing on the importance of bringing the generations together for community and worship, and developing life-long faith in their young people. Whilst age segregation has some benefits (think kids church, youth group, seniors fellowship), there also needs to be time that the generations can interact, and learn from each other.

Fuller Youth Institute has developed the concept of ‘sticky faith’. Researching and producing resources that help churches ensure that young people’s faith ‘sticks’ after they leave home and make their own commitment to God, and attending church. Their research has lead them to believe that young people need a 5:1 ratio, 5 adults making an investment in each young person, in big and small ways, to help mentor and encourage them as they grow and develop faith. (That’s 5 adults who aren’t their own parents, parents have a different but vital role to play too!).

How can you take an interest in what is going on in a young person’s life if you never interact with them? This is where getting involved in the ministries that are focussed on children and youth can be a starting point. Would you like to begin small and commit to being a helper in kids church 1-2 timers per term? Or are you ready to really get involved and lead one of the groups 3-4 times a term? What about making a weekly commitment to being a youth leader?

Imagine the community that we can have if we all play our part.

Jess Neshausen

(If you’re keen to take up the challenge and be involved in kids ministry email, if youth is where your heart is please contact Sophie via