Blurb – 29 September 2019

I want to take a chance to honour a man – Mike Chu!

Mike has been faithfully waiting, waiting to see his passion become reality. You see Mike is the area ambassador for Alpha. Because of that role he isn’t allowed to run an Alpha course but he comes and sees me once or twice a year to see if the timing to run an Alpha course in this church has come. As an Eldership we think we are ready! So what is Alpha? What do they do? Who is it for? What will I have to do? Who is going to run it here at HBC? Who gets invited? And why are we ready now? All good questions and here is the thing – Most of us don’t know! Most of us can’t answer the questions! So this is what we’ve decided to do – we are going to give everyone from the church a chance to experience what Alpha is all about. It’s going to be held on Wednesday evenings next term at the gathering – open to everyone! And what are we trying to achieve? It will give you a chance to experience first-hand what Alpha is all about – which means you might get excited enough to become part of the team to run it next year – and it will give you confidence in inviting other to come and explore who Jesus is – and it gives you the chance to re-visit some of Christianity’s foundational beliefs. This is a great opportunity to learn and grow as a community to become confident in the gospel, how to share with others and the course is a great tool to start discipling others.

Please plan to be there and to commit to it fully! Thanks Mike for your patience.

Kevin Robertson