Blurb – 27 May 2018

…I have been reflecting on the Overseas Missionaries, and the children, that we as a family of believers here at Hillcrest support. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering I am one of the overseas mission coordinators. But that’s just it – I don’t have a team within our family seeking to be involved in our overseas missionaries… so I have nothing to coordinate other than the voices inside my head :). Therefore this week i have decided to delegate tasks to the wider congregation. I would like to challenge you all to become honorary international missionary team members and have a short list of tasks for this week:

Task 1.

This week we received four letters from our children that we support in Bangladesh. These letters can be found pinned to the notice board for you to read. Please refresh yourselves with these special children that have very little but feel blessed from the support that they get from us to enable them to go to school. Please lift them up in prayer this week.

Task 2.

I need a minimum of 4 people/families to commit to write a letter back to them and maybe share some pictures or photos to encourage them in their walk of faith and in their day-to-day activities. The paper for the letters can be found pinned to the notice board also. Please complete your letter and return it to the office next week.

Task 3.

Please lift up our missionaries in prayer this week. If you don’t know what they are up to, maybe you could ask them. Send them a message. They would love to hear from you.

Task 4.
We have recently been blessed by a visit from Mitch and Ging Atkins – our missionaries in Thailand. While they were here we floated the idea of sending a team to visit at the end of next year. Start praying to see if this is something that God is calling you to.

Thank you for your support. – Russell