Blurb April 03 2016

Sometimes I find the decisions I make frustrate me. No I’m not talking about the washing machine saga but rather that I have made a roster for others to partake in writing the blurb for the newsletter. Now that sounds all wrong as I re-read it. I love that others are writing the blurb, honest, I love hearing other people’s voices and that the whole reason I’ve opened it up but sometimes I end up with a great story to write about that doesn’t fit into a sermon and yet when it comes around to my turn to write the blurb I end up having to write about housekeeping issues rather than delightful insightful stories about washing machines and how they work perfectly well without some of their parts.
So, housekeeping #1; As most of you know after many years working as church administrator/reception Anne has resigned and moving on to the delights of working with Neil in the family business. Anne’s last day will be 15th April so on Sunday 17th we will partake in a ‘special’ morning tea after church to say thank you etc. If you would like to contribute to a ‘thankyou gift’ could you please see Loges.
So, housekeeping #2; Because of Anne’s resignation there is now a vacancy for the admin role. There is an advert in the newsletter toady and applications close on April 22nd. This is very much a matter for prayer as we consider the opportunities leading into the future.
So, housekeeping #1; I had the (non) pleasure of attending a seminar about the new Health and Safety legislation that the government in all their wisdom have bestowed on us mere mortals. Churches are now included in the legislation and so this is going to mean some big changes to comply with health and safety issues. I will speak further of this at the next members meeting.