Blurb: 07 February 2016

It’s been a funny old week. In this role as pastor I end up journeying with people and at any given moment you have to be prepared for a sudden change in circumstances. There are highs and lows around every corner. It’s been a privilege to walk with Doris and her family during this week as they have said goodbye to David. The one thing I’ll say here is: What a difference it makes when we face the death of a loved one who is a follower of Jesus and that there is a certainty of the hope of the resurrection and eternal life!
On a totally different topic: What about resurrecting your marriage? I’m going to run a 3 week course in March – Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage -. This is for anyone who is married – doesn’t matter if it’s the worst marriage or the best, this course will give you new insights and understanding that will help you have a great relationship together. For those who want to commit to this – it is best if you are both there! If there is a problem with kids please talk to me and we will see if we can arrange a kid-sitter. This will be on Sunday evenings at the church.
Have a great day