blurb – October 11th

After the farce of last Sunday regarding our wedding anniversary and chocolate missiles, I think it appropriate I write a little about it.
On Thursday 8th October Kathryn and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. Now 18 years is nothing compared to some of you and a lifetime for others. Given that the odds of a marriage lasting more than 5 years being low, we are confident that we have done it right. But we aren’t complacent.
Firstly, we have God in our lives. He has held us together through thick and thin.
With his help we make an effort to really listen to each other. I’m a bloke who deals in black and white. My emotions run hot when watching sport and soppy movies! But Kathryn can let her emotions rule her day. Together we have learnt to respect our differences and enjoy our similarities. We laugh a lot. Usually at my expense. We are honest with each other. We share the humdrum tasks of life. Kathryn is better at somethings and me better at others. We play to our individual strengths.
Secondly, when we do have a weekend on our own, I understand when she spends it getting her legs waxed, eyebrows plucked and nails done. I mow the lawns. Her time is her time, and my time is her time but with a list. I understand.
Lastly, but by no means least, we love each other.