Blurb; August 16th 2015

Hi everyone the last couple of months as CAP Manager has been a bit of an eye opener for me. I have seen clients who are in extreme financial and physical poverty and at the same time surrounded by people who I perceive to have everything in serious spiritual poverty.
I’ve come to learn that there many forms of poverty that exist in the world and around us every day. It’s even likely that you work, attend classes or drop your kids off at school with people who could be considered to be the “spiritually poorest of the poor” in your community. The question is whether we’ll speak about the friendship of Jesus with love, boldness and hope to these people.
Just as we can’t neglect physical poverty in our communities and around the world, we can’t neglect the spiritual poverty we see around us every day. We have a choice to love people. Jesus can give us the boldness to tell others about Him and believe that we won’t sound like a salesperson if we do.
If you make sure that the hungry and oppressed have all that they need,
then your light will shine in the darkness,
And even your bleakest moments will be bright as a clear day. Isaiah 58:10 The Voice
Matua Mark