blurb 02 August 2015

It’s so much fun…and a little bit stressful. The bills keep flowing and the money keeps going out to match them coming in. But it’s fun. Then on top of that, there’s all the decisions to make…but the ‘boss’ does most of that. That for me is the easy part. I just let go the reins and let her decide and then just agree with her when her mind is made up. It’s a great partnership. It’s a win, win. I don’t make the decisions, I don’t have to make them and I’m happy with the outcome whatever, as I have a higher motive, a higher goal in my sights. When it’s all over and the builders have gone, and the wife has finished the painting (she decided on the colour), the lounge is all liveable again and the kitchen is pumping out culinary delights, I’m hoping that my higher goal will have been met.
This reminds me of a beautiful couple that I had the privilege of spending time with this week. You see this couple let go of the reins years ago. The decisions they’ve made over their many years together, have, to the best of their ability, not been theirs. They allowed their Heavenly Father to make their decisions. Didn’t mean that they turned off their brains but they have had complete, unshakable trust and belief in God’s wonderful grace and His leading. And above all else they have a higher goal in their sights! Doesn’t mean there hasn’t been stress, or problems but they know the goal, and they have their eyes set on a prize which is not of this world. What an inspiration they are. I love my job.