Blurb 28.06.2015

I’ve been reading a book lately about the way we think.  It’s full of those “aha!” moments, where I realise that the author has stated what I do all the time, and when he does he exposes biases and twisted logic that until now I “knew” were fair. One twist to the way we think is that people don’t compare absolute values; we always think in terms of reference points.  If today a law was made that your bank account will have exactly $1000 in it tomorrow, for some of you that will be disaster, for others awesome news- because of where your account is today. Jesus makes this point in Luke 7:47 regarding forgiveness.  If we start from the reference point that we’re good people, Jesus doesn’t change things for us much at all, and we have little appreciation of what He did.  However, if our reference point is that we are all sinners and Jesus is God’s only answer to our situation, then Jesus IS the answer, and we are all one before our Messiah.