Overseas Workers

At present we support three ‘missionaries’. These wonderful folk have been led by God to serve in countries that are somewhat more difficult to live in than here – I mean who wouldn’t rather live and work in Hamilton? They have dedicated their lives to reaching out with the love of Jesus both through sharing and deeds.

Hannah Peart. YWAM medical ships, Townsville, Australia

Medical Ships – Australia


Mitch and Ging Atkins. TANDEM, Thailand 

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Sasha Botha. YWAM Muizenburg, South Africa

Hello from the other side –


So it has been just over a month since my arrival here in Cape Town.

Nothing has changed much, we still have the ocean on our door step and the Mountains in our backyard.

However, I feel so out of place, some say that it is because I’ve been spending too much time in New Zealand and I’ve lost my ‘African Nature’. I’m not sure I even know what that means, Nevertheless I am slowly but surely finding my footing again.

I have been blessed with a warm welcome and an invitation to a Seminar/Internship that is being run by the justice Acts Ministry. It’s called Redefining Justice – A Leaderships Intensive… What a mouthful!

It’s basically redefining justice within today’s society, we are heading into week 6 and I’m already questioning so many of my core values that I was brought up with here in South Africa, It has challenged my views on Justice and what Justice actually is…

Having grown up in a country that is so broken and corrupt, I can’t be too hard or disappointed with myself when I realize how ‘corrupt’ my opinions are when it comes to Justice. An ‘Eye for an Eye’ shouldn’t apply in the individual believer’s life anymore. We had to choose between a grace life or a justice life, and when we accepted Christ, we chose grace.

I chose grace… And I am aware of what God wants to change within my heart and mind. Striving for this renewal within myself is not about reaching the heights, it will take an immense amount of sacrifice and willingness to plunge into the depths of darkness that resides within my soul, to seek and find that light which God has so graciously blessed me with.

To go down, show His love to broken sinners; proclaim His mercy and grace in trash-filled streets and shine my light in the darkest ghettoes!

If Christ were here, He would help them, and so must I, are you able to do the same?

Find the tension between Justice and Mercy…

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