Blurb – July 23rd 2017

It’s been an interesting and thought-provoking series on crossing rivers.
I’m still pondering the sermon about mentoring. We’re doing mentoring at work. I get to regularly meet with people who want to learn why I am the way I am, and how they can get there (although I suspect they don’t want to end up with my hairstyle in the process).
The church over the years usually calls this discipleship. But the practice of passing on what you’ve learnt, so others don’t have to remake your mistakes, is a long and valuable tradition. An important part of making it happen is getting the people together. So, to make this work, could anyone who’s interested in mentoring contact Renee at the office; let her know either by email or leaving a note:
 who you are
 whether you wish to mentor or be mentored (or both!)
 the best way to get hold of you
( If you wish for more information you can talk to myself, Kevin, or one of the other elders about it. We aren’t as organised as Renee though, and will probably lose the bit of paper!). We’ll match you up with someone and let you get on with it!
If we want to change for the better, we have to choose to do so- one of the lessons rivers teach us is that even dead fish swim with the flow.
-Ian Martin

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