Blurb – 9th August, 2018

Hi Everyone,
It is my turn to write the “blurb”. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the loving community that you are. I am regularly surprised by generosity when help is called for, like the special offering that was taken for Renny’s sister last week. As church administrator/receptionist I am always aware that everything I do is on behalf of our community. It sometimes feels like a pretty big responsibility, like Spiderman “with great power comes great responsibility”.
Now I am not comparing myself to Peter Parker that would be quite a laugh, answering phones and typing newsletters while slinging webs left and right and fighting crime in Hillcrest.
However, we have been given the gospel, which has great power to change lives.
A young girl asked me the other day. “Where is your boss, boss, boss … boss?” I thought she meant Kevin and I replied, “Oh, he’s at his desk, do you want to see him?” Later I thought about it and I wondered who she meant was my ‘boss’, was it Kevin, the Elders? the congregation? Jesus? I realised that I perhaps had missed an opportunity with her.
Anyhow as I ponder another September here as your friendly neighbourhood receptionist I am thankful for you all, people ‘show up’ when we ask for volunteers, people give finances so that others of us can serve here, and overseas. This community is a huge blessing to me. We aren’t perfect, but God does not ask us to be, his power is made perfect in weakness, he can use us to show his love, he is showing his love through you.
– Renee