Blurb – 7 September, 2018

I have 11kg of lollies sitting in my office….


This is very dangerous! But it means that the Light Party must be getting close! If you haven’t encountered a Light Party before, it is simply a fun community event, put on as a positive alternative to Halloween. The idea is we advertise in the church and in the community, up to 150 kids come along in non-scary costumes, on Wednesday 31st October between 5:30-7:30 pm, they play gala games, attempt to beat the minute to win it challenges, win prizes, maybe do a craft, eat some sausages, popcorn and fruit, listen to a God talk, and go home knowing a bit more about our church, and hopefully a bit more about God our Father.

It promises to be a great night, but the 5 people on the organising team can’t run it on our own, which is where you come in!

Can you come and help supervise a stall?
Cook sausages?
Be on the welcome table?

We would love everyone to be involved in some way, and help bless our community. Hey, even if you can’t make it during the event maybe you could come at 7:30 pm and offer fresh enthusiasm for clean up time?!

We will have a sign up sheet in the
foyer after church, I’d love you
to come and have a chat, and
commit to helping for this very
fun event.

Jess Neshausen