BLURB – 4 February 2018

Here we go…the start of the year for our journey
together. Already there is a lot going on – a new
kids ministry worker has started – an Associate
pastor arrives in the Tron today – a new format for
small groups starting next week – a garage sale – a
quiz night – a prayer morning – but the same ole
I hope that you come back from the summer break
refreshed, enthusiastic and willing to serve. As we
kick off at the beginning of the New Year, it is a
time to reflect on where God may be asking you to
serve. We have need in the youth group and kids
work for keen energetic volunteers – and the other
groups like visiting, connect, greeting and music
teams could all benefit from keen supporters.
Today I am starting a new series – over most of the
year we will be looking at the life of King David.
Might be a good idea to have a read for yourself to
see what God may be saying to you from this story
of a great King.
Lastly: ‘The Gathering’, I am going to be running a
small group looking at the prophetic gifting. Due to
wanting to keep this a manageable size, anyone
wanting to be part of this journey needs to apply
by talking to me – thanks.