Blurb – 25th October

Following the series on the fruit and gifts of the Spirit our home group has managed to borrow the DVD that Kevin showed on the Sunday evenings from Carey Baptist College. This last week we had an interesting discussion about waiting following the session from Brian Krum on John 16. The passage of John 16 is where Jesus is telling the disciples about what is to come and that He will be sending the Spirit when He was gone. Brian talked about how the Spirit would come but not immediately to ensure the disciples learnt that they were not in control and that they had to learn to wait on the Spirit.
This raised some interesting questions which I would like to leave you to ponder:
• Are you waiting on anything and why do you think you are waiting?
• Who is in control while you wait?
• Is this fast pace society that we live in causing us to always want to be in control as we don’t want to wait for anything?
As people of God we are called to wait on the Spirit just as the disciples did for their leading and direction. How then should we wait?
Finally, I would to encourage those that are not part of a home group to get connected.