Blurb – 16th July 2017

After talking to Kevin recently, I volunteered to help out with the Intermediates (not sure what we should call ourselves as a couple of the kids are at high school age) in a support role with Domini.

It’s not hard to do; I’ve done it before. We are using a Youth Alpha Manual which makes it very easy, and goes through the basics of the Christian life:
How do we pray?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
How to be filled with the Holy Spirit?
How do you deal with evil?
These are good practical issues, and interspersed with that we do some fun things. like Bible crafts, treading on Baked Beans, experimenting with Coke and mints (very fizzy), and other activities, (We have to be selective with the guidebook to ensure that the recommended skits don’t breach OSH rules).

It is all good fun, focussed around building positive relationships within the group and generally having a good time. You might think I am a bit old for this, but it’s something I enjoy doing. In the past it has helped me to stay connected with the some of the younger people in the church and it’s good to see them growing up, maturing, and in many cases taking on leadership roles in the churches where they belong.

Please continue to pray for us:
For spiritual growth
For God to use us to encourage and disciple these young teens to live wise and fruitful lives
For growth in numbers and perhaps outreach into the surrounding neighbourhood.

-Graeme Steed

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