Blurb – 15 September 2019

Young adults camp 2019

Hauoratanga: Restoration

This year the theme for camp was restoration, the speakers spoke of restoration of relationship with God, others and self. The speakers told stories from their life and encouraged us to talk with one another about our journeys. There was also an amazing video where some of the campers were asked what restoration meant to them (ask Bryan).

As a part of the camp we also had a listening Hui, a continuation of the last one run by the Baptist union. It was a great opportunity to talk and listen to what we as the younger generation thought of how the Baptist church is doing and what could improve. It was amazing to hear from people my own age on their position on the church as often it is the older generations that attend the conferences.

It was also a time where we built community with other churches and made connections. It was interesting to hear how other churches run and the community they have. We also got to know the people in our own young adults better.

Thank you to everyone who supported us going to camp, it was a great time that we will remember and grow from.

Michaela Porter