Blurb – 11th February 2018

2018 is shaping up to be an
exciting year!
Towards the end of last year I started to feel a
real call towards Kids Ministry. I had been helping
out with kids church, but more just as an
“I have
experience with kids, I can help with that” type
thing. This was a call, to see where kids ministry
could go if there was time allocated to be spent on
it. Time to develop links between main church and
kids church, time to create a welcoming
environment that draws children and their families
in, time to network with other churches and their
kids ministry leaders, time to organise resources
and equipment to make it easier for the people
leading, time to spend with the leaders to support
them in this ministry.
I wrote a proposal to the elders, and they agreed
to hire me for 12 hours a week. So, here I am!
This has left me very excited about the future of
kid’s ministry, but also excited about where the
church is going.
If I have been called
– where have you been

-Jess Neshausen