Blurb – July 15th

We like to remember our Birthdays – well most of us do, most of the time. But how many of us look forward to our Death days? Not too many I imagine.
Last week I was part of a group that did an interesting exercise to finish our 10 week Spiritual Disciplines course. We wrote our own obituaries! It was a challenge to think about what we hoped people would say at our funeral. The aim was to get us to think about how to finish our lives well and to hear those precious words recorded in Matt 25:21 – “Well done, good and faithful servant!”.

In order to finish well, I have to live well. I need to sit in God’s presence and ask the Holy Spirit to help me take stock of my life and the way I use my time. What areas do I need to work on? Spend more time praying? Intentionally & sacrificially love my husband, children & grandchildren? Honestly examine my motives for serving and giving – out of duty or love? Have I been using my gifts and talents?

We are all in different seasons of lives. God has something for each of us to be and do in each of them. How sad and futile will it be to just trudge through each, without any insight into what’s happening to us. Quoting from Chuck Swindoll, “Seasons are designed to deepen us, to instruct us in the wisdom and ways of our God. To help us grow strong….. like a tree planted by the rivers of water”.

As a dear friend pointed out, the major part of my time on earth has already been lived. I’m nearing the time when I’ll be in the arms of my Father and Saviour. My prayer for us is from Ps 90:12 – ‘Teach us to number our days, that we may present to you a heart of wisdom’.

-Loges Yeow