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Blurb – 5 November 2017

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I was reminded the other day of one of the
scripture verses that I have pondered on for
What happened was that Cheryll and I have been
waiting for some time for the rain to stop so that
we could burn some bonfires we had stacked up. I
had dropped a heap of trees a while back and this
was what was left – so pyromaniac time! All was
going well – we were working like Trojans.
Granddaughter arrived so the ‘boss’ went inside
and I kept stocking fires. I picked up a large log and
ceremoniously dumped it on top of the burning
heap, satisfying! However, as it hit, debris went
flying and one large ember, glowing like Halley’s
comet, decided to land inside my gumboot. The
burn! It stuck on the top of my foot and embed
itself in my melting nylon sock. With quick
reaction, I started ripping my boot off and got
cramp in the back of my leg! I straightened my leg
out with the ember burning happily away.
Eventually the leg cramp eased and I managed to
get my boot off (brand new Redbands) and had to
pick the still glowing ember out of my sock and
foot, burning my fingers in the process. It was a
great day. There is now a burn hole in the top of
my foot.
What’s the verse? Matt 3:11, He will baptize you
with the Holy Spirit and fire.
What does the baptism of Fire look like for you?
And how does this relate to Hebrews 12:29?

Blurb – 12 November 2017

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We realised that time was flying by when we flipped
over the calendar to November. There are only about 6
weekends until Christmas. We looked on the family “Board” and saw that every weekend was busy with
events, with the family only going to half of
them. Adam has finished school and is swotting for
exams. Howard has planted the summer vegetables. I’ve wrapped the Christmas presents.
It just seems as though we have hardly taken a breath
since 2017 New Year– and here we are planning
What is this all for? Do we really need to cram
everything in before Christmas? Is the flip of the
calendar from 2017-2018 so monumental that the
world is going to end if there are a few days of
statutory holidays? Can it not wait? Do we need all
this stress– most of which is self imposed?
We are pondering on this– particularly after a recent
student Bible study session. We had some quiet
meditation time when the words“Be Still” reverberated
around our lounge. We realised that the scripture says “Be Still and Know that I am God” – but we wonder tooif God is saying to us that we need to rely more on Him
and He will give us rest (Matthew 11:28
-30). That maybe so, but do we need to spin out of control before we
remember to put that in practice?
Maybe this will be our mantra for the next couple of
months. To slow down. Remember God is in
control. We can only do the next right thing and have
faith that it aligns with God’s will.

Does this apply to
you too?

The Ettemas.

Blurb – 19 November 2017

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I’ve been asked to share something
I’ve had a few ups and downs over the past year, and
with that I have appreciated the support and prayers of
people in our church. I enjoy coming to church. The
interaction between fellow Christians is a big
encouragement for me. This place where we worship
God reminds me of who He is and what He has
done for us.
How we live in the world is a challenge. God has put
each of us in a place of responsibility. We are to shine
for Him and be deliberate in sharing our faith.
I work as a lawyer with the constant tension of
operating in a high pressure business environment
where people rely on us to find solutions to their
problems, meet deadlines, and get good results for
In the midst of this I see the hand of God guiding and
providing. He gives His wisdom to know how to
respond and what to do. He is always (at least) three
steps ahead of the game – which is reassuring,
especially when the pressure is on!
During the year I have been studying John’s gospel and
what I have found in that is that Jesus Christ died for
my sins, was resurrected and lives in me, to share His
good news with others. I’m still ‘rough round the edges’
but He is constantly there reminding me of His
presence in my life, His hand upon me and His great
-Graeme Steed


Kidz Church Update
When I normally prepare for Children’s Church my
first thought is to have some exciting game or activity
that will make the lesson interesting and help them
remember what it was about.
So, last week I put a good hour or two into selecting
the right photos and You-Tube clip and made sure I
was prepared for the games. Apart from a bit of
prayer and a quick review of the Bible reading, I never
put too much time into this as I had heard the story
several times before.
However, the reality was our group just sitting in a
huddle on the floor asking and answering questions. It
wasn’t until Loges came in to remind us it was nearly
morning tea time, that we realised we had nearly ran
out of time!
Yes, we did do the games, the slideshow was cool (the
You-Tube clip wouldn’t work) but the best part of the
lesson was having the blessing to have the time to
listen and answer the questions of our very curious
and captivated children.
How busy do we get in
“doing” life, to make
sure children are kept
busy and have all the
right tools and
materials, when there
are times we just need
to stop and take time to
listen and talk?
Matthew 19:14
-Trish Morris