Blurb August 21st 2016

My heart is heavy as I share in the grief and pain of family and friends. This past week, I received news of a shocking fishing accident that left my uncle blind in one eye. Two days later, a friend was hospitalised for a severe heart attack. Last night, a friend’s baby boy suddenly passed away….
“Why Lord, why?” questions kept running through my mind, but there were no satisfactory answers.
I’m involved in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) with about 100 women who meet here in our church. Currently we’re studying the book of Revelation and specifically these past weeks about Satan, suffering, perseverance….. AND the fact that God still rules supreme!!
Someone said that the thing that you focus on becomes your idol, as it takes away from time spent thinking about and worshipping God. So I’m determined to turn away from Satan’s fearful and discouraging attacks and instead focus on the truths I’ve been learning. Let me share some of them.
• No power can contend with God’s power
• God is sovereign over His purposes & their timing.
• God knows everything, but chooses what He wants to tell us & when.
• God does not promise to protect us from suffering, but in them.
• Satan is a strong adversary but, definitely, a defeated foe.
• The devil is mighty but GOD IS ALL-MIGHTY!
As I hold onto these truths, I know that God will give me His peace. May you too be encouraged, whatever your current circumstances.
(PS – this was written a week ago and I can testify that God did bring some calm into the chaos.)