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Blurb 13th March 2016

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Year-Quarter Reflection on Fruitfulness

I’ve got a list I’m working at:
the fruit I want to bear.
Achievement schemes;
hopes and ancient dreams.
Plants I’ve faithfully
watered for years.
New soils prepared as I widen the
orchard walls,
New varieties to explore.
There’s always more to do.

I hope the hard work pays off
and the yields are good,
but then I wonder:
is too much fruit a false economy?
What if the hard yakka
year by year
pulls my laden branches down
and the straining weight
bows me to the ground.
Are the trees in my orchard
strong enough?

So I need a reminder:
The Master of Seasons is the giver of Rest.
The land and our hands need Sabbath
to be fully Blessed.
The schemes, the dreams
can for a while go on the shelf,
I’ll bottle up like peaches
the grand plans in syrup
and trusting God,
let the orchard grow –
and trusting God
let my anxious aspirations go.

-Mark Day

Blurb 06th March 2016

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Good morning. We are all sinners. It’s a statement of truth. We are all hypocrites. That’s a statement of truth and if you want to deny it – well – you crunch the numbers. Talking about crunching numbers, I’ve done a bit of that since last week’s sermon. It wasn’t a sermon I liked delivering but it certainly was a sermon we needed, yes that is ‘we’, I’m included in that number of people who have sins entwined, entangled. For those who escaped and didn’t hear it, we looked at Hebrews 12:1 let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.
To those brave, honest people who responded to the invitation to write down the sins that confront you – a big thank you for your honesty and frankness, I salute you. I hope that it has helped to front up to things that may be entangled around your heart that stops you from being as fruitful as you perhaps should be. We are called to be people of faith so we need to take this seriously. What you probably weren’t aware of was that I have used the data collected, crunched the numbers, and come up with a list of sins that we as a church are ‘good’ at! We shouldn’t be but we are! What are we going to do with this list? Well it is the preaching plan for after Easter and you’ve dictated what we are going to look at. I feel that God is asking us to seriously deal with our sins that entangle so that we can move into freedom and liberty! Every second week, after Easter, someone will be presenting one of our ‘sins’ and we are going to face up to them, repent, be healed, be humbled, be prayed for and pray for others. Chaahoooo! Serious Christianity! Every alternate week we will be looking at some practical aspects of pronouncing the kingdom through sign word and deed! Chaahoooo!