Blurb 21st February 2016

This year has started as last year finished for us, which is very busy. To add to this Heidi decided to complete her Masters this year which meant she needed to be in Dunedin for a short introductory course. We utilised this time as a family to get away but it just so happen to coincide with the tenants moving out of the Knighton Road house. As the key person overseeing these houses at present I would like to publicly thank Howard and his team who spent most of Saturday cleaning the Knighton Road house and section. These efforts are very much appreciated and have ensured the house is ready for the new tenants moving in this weekend.
The new tenants are a group of student leaders from Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF). TSCF is a group on the University Campus which is run by students with the help of one or two paid staff. I was part of TSCF at Canterbury and I see having a hub established will help support and grow this group immensely. Although TSCF is not directly connected with this Church, it is exciting to see the Knighton Road house being used for outreach as this was a key reason this property was purchased.
So I would like to encourage you to pray for this house and these students as they live life, disciple others and open their flat to reach out and support others on the University campus.