Blurb 31st January 2016

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I’m back. Yes, after a good break over the last month I’m back and rearing to go. As always my first message for the year sets the scene – sets the direction of where we are heading as a church for the next part of our exciting journey together. Sadly I didn’t check the calendar and it’s a long weekend, which, as you know, in Hamilton means ‘mass evacuation’. This means church will be smallish in number and will also be next week when we enjoy yet another long weekend. But we have to make a start so start we will.
An update on Sasha: We waited patiently for a visa for her to go to Oz but it didn’t come in time before she had to leave due to her visa running out. But God had a great plan which He unfolded in the last couple of weeks while she was here. Sasha is now in YWAM Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa. She is going to be a volunteer worker on the base until a DTS starts in late March. Please continue to pray for her as this is a massive opportunity for her and a massive change in direction for her as she is learning to be faithful to the God that loves her.
To finish and hopefully get you thinking – if you could put the vision, the direction that we should take as a church for the year that’s just started into one word…what would that word be?


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