Blurb 4th October

I’ve been interested in the evolution of the blurb in the newsletter since handing it over to other writers. I love ‘hearing’ the voice of others but todays one is from me…and so it’s going to be a basic non- amazing practical write.
Firstly due to a few hiccups and running out of time last week I want to give you the links to the two YouTube clips I was going to show during my message. If you have time I think these are worth the watch: the first is what God is up to in Indonesia, the second from North Africa They leave me leaning towards prayer – I ask the question, “Where are you moving in our community God and how can I join in with what you’re doing?”
Secondly: This morning we are starting a mini-series in the preaching. 3 weeks all from the same passage. It’s a very well known parable that Jesus told but the three who are going to share are all viewing it from different perspectives. When was the last time you heard 3 sermons in a row all on the same passage? I hope we all learn and allow God to bring change and challenge us as we become kingdom ambassadors.