Blurb 27 September 2015

Blurb 27 September 2015

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I’m not the most talkative person in the church, so one of the nice things about being on the elder’s team is hearing all the stories of people just getting things done. Call it vision, drive, or just scratching an itch, but we are in sum a really awesome community, and I’m proud to be a part of it. From Jack and Glynn’s over 65 group to Amy and Renee and the preschoolers, all the CAP befrienders, CAP Money course leaders, the team of 10 or so that help Joel and the Mortons with the youth group, home group leaders and participants, Andy and the worship team, Mark J’s team of childrens and intermediate helpers…and so on. There’s so many people who are part of making things happen.

But there’s two sides to this. We get called to different tasks, but even the son of God had 12 friends to walk the road with him. God knows we work best together, and He puts us in places where we can work with others. So what are you being called to? And how can we as a church help make that happen?


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