blurb 6th September 2015

There was a loud scream! Bloodcurdling scream! Much yelling! I wandered casually towards the commotion and burst out laughing…in fact I thought it was hilarious…but apparently that was not the ‘required’ text book response! Let me back up a bit….
As you know the household of one wife, one husband and one child have been living in a house ‘under construction’ for the last few months. The renovations process has been interesting: Son and father spent that horrid cold spell (when the mercury dropped to -5) without outside walls or roof! But…it is slowly progressing towards finished dwelling!
The new Lino went in yesterday – the much anticipated floor coverings are under way! Did we get the colour right? I got home late as I needed a haircut…somehow I worked out that I needed one as son and wife started calling me Father Ted…anyway I’m sitting in our ‘lounge’ (the spare bedroom) when there is this blood curdling scream from the ‘kitchen’ (normally the laundry)…and after casually loitering towards the commotion with much swagger…here on the brand new lino which had just been laid and the wifey was still ecstatic about…was one of the cats eating a rabbit with its guts all squished out on the new floor! Nearly wet myself at the irony and the wife’s reaction! Priceless!
And here I am this morning writing this for you to read, still with a large grin on my face and a little chuckle lurking deeper waiting to escape. And I deeply contemplate the profound meaning to this story…how do we react when things aren’t what we want? Nonchalant hilarity or heart-rending consternation? Or should I (we) be governed by: The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?