blurb August 9th 2015

These past few months I have been challenged by the words of a song called “I Believe in Jesus”. The song simply states the gospel. With the busyness of life I often need a reminder of what God has done for me. Why then with everything that God has done for me do I find it so hard to get involved in mission work? Surely it should be second nature.
After returning from the Solomon Islands last year I indicated I would like to be part of the mission’s team. I want others to have the same opportunity to get involved in mission both here in New Zealand and overseas, as the act of serving reminds me of my first love and everything that God has done for me.
The aim of the mission’s team is not purely to support our current missionaries, but also to provide opportunities for the church as a whole to engage in mission and be more outward focused. I see the mission’s team as a team to link people of different missions interest, support our current missionaries, provide oversight of short and long term missions and plan for different mission events in the hope of engaging the wider congregation in mission. One area close to my heart is that of short term mission trips to support and uplift those on the ground in the mission field. As a church I would like to see regular short term mission trips to support our current long term missionaries and those of our congregation who have returned to their home countries. If missions sounds like something you are interested in come and talk to Heidi or I.